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Saurozoic Warriors Action Figure: Marr Ossis

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Marr Ossis

A member of the vicious Therapod tribe, Marr Ossis (aka Marr-O) takes the dirtiest jobs no one else wants with allegiance to whomever is paying most handsomely. 

His latest bounty is to capture the rogue Triax Skiver and return the stolen goods to the lords who horde them. To keep him focused on task, he's been given some of the advanced weapons guarded so jealously by the lords. 

While not particularly bright, Marr is a  cruel fighter, using his brute force along with blades and razor-sharp back spines slice his enemies. Marr Ossis arrives equipped for a good fight with a knife, brand new mega blaster and armor. 

Saurozoic Warriors are 6-inch scale and each figure comes with a full range of accessories fit for battle. 


*These figures are adult collectibles for Ages 8 and up. Contains small parts.

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