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Saurozoic Warriors Action Figure: Triax Skiver (Night Lands Deco)

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Triax Skiver

Night Lands Deco

With his former master’s most precious secrets in his possession, Triax barely escaped the clutches of the Ceratopsian Guard with his life. Now, after having been informed that at least two feared bounty hunters are on his trail, he decides to take a dangerous shortcut through the Night Lands. This region of Sauria is in eternal darkness, the result of a constant shadow cast by one of the moons in close geosynchronous orbit. It is said that fearsome creatures dwell there. These beasts are so numerous that they cannot be fought, for every one that is killed, ten more arrive. If Triax is to cross the Night Lands, he must learn to blend in and camouflage himself to avoid notice.

Triax comes ready for Night Lands battle battle with a Halberd ax, two blaster pistols, knife, and 2 smoke grenades.

Saurozoic Warriors are 6-inch scale and each figure comes with a full range of accessories fit for battle. 

*These figures are adult collectibles for Ages 8 and up. Contains small parts.

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