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Saurozoic Warriors Action Figure: Staze Akiden

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Samurai Ankylosaur

Slow moving yet invulnerable and with great strength. Staze served his master well for many years, protecting him and his family against their foes. When his master died and was replaced as clan leader, Staze found himself out of favour with the new generation. They did not care that he had devoted his life to the tribe or the many victories that had been won due to his martial skill. They thought him long in the tooth and he was exiled.

Now considered a ‘Dracohors’, an outcast or Ronin, Staze does what he has to in order to survive. He has a strict moral code, often taking less of a fee if he feels the cause is just. He remains a capable fighter, able to thrash any two other fighters to within an inch of their lives if required. His slow speed more than compensated for by his experience campaigning across the many environments of Sauria.  

Staze comes ready for battle with club, rifle, short sword and sheath.

Saurozoic Warriors are 6-inch scale and each figure comes with a full range of accessories fit for battle. 

*These figures are adult collectibles for Ages 8 and up. Contains small parts.

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