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Saurozoic Warriors Action Figure: Seph Rasan

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Seph Rasan

Knight Pachycephalosaur

Rasan’s tribe practices a very straightforward form of combat: close the distance fast and then smash on through. Their thick skulls allow them to knock most other Saurian species out with a single blow. Once a member of the tribe makes their first kill, a ceremonial skull cap is provided to the young warrior. These are heavily armoured and sometimes even sharpened to inflict maximum damage.

Rasan, like his compatriots, carries a shield to offer protection until he gets close enough to unleash his devastating final attack. His flintlock pistols are used to launch projectiles that create thick smoke on the battlefield, providing cover as he makes his final burst of speed to smash into his chosen opponent headfirst.  

Seph comes ready for battle with a war hammer, shield, sword, and blaster pistol.

Saurozoic Warriors are 6-inch scale and each figure comes with a full range of accessories fit for battle. 

*These figures are adult collectibles for Ages 8 and up. Contains small parts.

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