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Sam & Max Series Action Figure - Wave 2 - Rubber Pants Commandos Ginormous Deluxe Set

  • 5499

Just when you need a crack frontal assault force, the Rubber Pants Commandos are here! Zip, Pip, and Sergeant Blip are ready to surgically strike, neutralize a power-mad supervillain, or overthrow a small government. Just be sure to work around their nappy time!

This ginormous deluxe figure set includes all three fully articulated figures. Zip and Pip each have unique belts, weapons, and essential bottle rations. Sergeant Blip comes with his own chimp-sized belt and harness, pistol with holster, and a yummy snack for a quick banana boost. The infamous RPC are GO! 

*These figures are adult collectibles for Ages 12 and up. Contains functional sharp points and small parts.

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