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Here are some great gift ideas for your Boss Fight fan!

To make gift giving easy this year, we're pulling our favorite gifts into a Holiday Guide to help you navigate all your gifting in one place. All these are available at special holiday prices so don't wait to grab your favorites! Once the holidays are over these bundles will be gone! 

For the Comic and Animation Fan

Comic and Animation fans will rejoice when you give them their favorite animation character. Our deluxe Sam & Max or Bucky O’Hare’s Bruiser will have them squealing for joy with these large, super fun, animated characters ready for hours of joy.

For the Customizer

Customizers will love our deluxe gladiator set paired with a blank to outfit and create their very own gladiators! Want to give them a fun surprise? Order a full PDQ of our mini kits with a blank figure and give them a full set of accessory fun, 18 ways to spur their imagination.

For the Fantasy Fan

Fantasy fans will love having their imaginations sparked with these special holiday bundles. For those that want to take their adventure on the road, our Knight of Accord bundled with a Shield Mighty Steed and the matching Knight of Accord tack set will allow their imaginations to wander the realm. For those that want less of the knight in shining armor, our Orc Horde bundle will help build the Orc Horde of their dreams! This bundle includes a female and male orc, along with a female orc blank and orc accessory set to build their very own character! 

For the Holiday Obsessed

For those that love a good holiday themed gift, check out the brand new Boss Fight Advent Calendar! First time we’re producing this, each day provides a new action figure part of accessory to build two exclusive zombies and outfit them to scour the universe for brains! Looking for something a little more traditional? Our Kawikii bundle includes an Aspen figure and the elven tack set so Aspen and Kawikii can wander the realms and find adventures. 

For the Kid at Heart

For the kid at heart, we have some very special figures! Frankie the Unicorn is a whimsical fan-favorite! With his teal underbelly and silver accents he shines like the truly magical creature he is. Want a more retro action feel? The Corsair Canard Duck in a special Bucky O’Hare lunchbox brings back wonderful memories of that favorite character joining you everywhere you go. The limited edition toy that comes packaged in a collectible lunchbox will make anyone feel like a kid again with his bright colors, posable multiple arms, and fun accessories.   

For the Horror Fan

For those that love the occult, look no further than our Irradiated Zombie! Translucent neon in color, completely posable, and tons of fun - he’s everybody’s favorite! Eligor and Gomory are two figures in one with interchangeable heads and accessories. These demon brothers are also a fan favorite and will for sure to be sold out by next holiday!

For the HACKS Universe fan

A fan of the H.A.C.K.S. universe will love these special bundles! Holiday bundle #1 includes an assortment of our best selling characters! Including Lance Steelblade, Aiyana, Medusa, and Myrmex warrior, your H.A.C.K.S. fan will love this set! We also have a customizer's dream bundle - a rainbow of 10 assorted blank figures; 5 male, 5 female! This will spark their imagination and help them on their next customizing journey. 

"For the Hard to buy for Fan"