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Series Z Extreme Sets Diorama

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A new haunting ground has arrived, and it craves the flesh of humans to survive the night! The Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Zombies hit the streets in an all-new, exciting Pop-Up Diorama. This amazing team-up between Boss Fight Studio and Extreme-Sets presents to you the Series Z: 1/18 Scale Street Diorama.

The Series Z Street Diorama is full of ghoulish fun for any collectible fan, and the frightening recreation of a city street can house multiple Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. zombie figures to give chase as they search for human flesh. Recreate terror-inducing toy photography with this one-of-a-kind Pop-Up Diorama. Each section of this street tells a different story of fear and despair. All four of the highly detailed building panels create a setting of terror as the zombies lurk awaiting their next victim in this 52-inch wide monstrosity. This Pop-Up Diorama features doors that open up - but be careful as the zombies are waiting to feast on you! In addition, be on the lookout as the Street Diorama has cracked windows and doors that allow the zombie figures to attack in new frightening ways. The Series Z Street Diorama also has a rooftop that allows your characters refuge from the zombies…. Or maybe better views for that Zombie party? Included are a 3D gate to keep the undead at bay, a 3D staircase to escape from the creatures of the night, and two 3D posts to hide from the zombie horde. Also packed in are three highly detailed ground panels that complete the picture of a city under siege from the undead. No matter if you are seeking shelter from zombies, or defending your building from ghouls, this Diorama is the perfect companion for any zombie fan.


  • Made of cardboard
  •  Seamless connecting panels  
  • When panels are connected flat 52" wide backdrop
  • Create the ultimate environment for your action figures
  • Connect multiple Pop-Ups for an even larger setup
  • Opening doors 
  • Two inches deep rooftop 
  • Staircase leading to the front door 
  • Cracks in windows and doors 


  •  Four (4) 13” wide x 16” tall Wall Panels (Right out of box easy assembly)
  •  One (1) Rooftop (Right out of box easy assembly)
  •  One (1) Door front staircase
  •  Two (2) Posts
  •  One (1) Gate
  •  Three (3) Ground Panels 


  • 1:18 - This product is to scale to all 3.75” action figures. 

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