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Saurozoic Warriors Action Figure: Pava Pergia

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Pava Pergia

Ninja Archaeopteryx

Launching from a rocky crag or treetop, there are few who equal Pava when it comes to fast attack, scouting or covert surveillance. She uses thermal currents to soar effortlessly for long distances and has developed a ‘sixth sense’ which attunes her to the movement of the air. She can feel every breath of wind and even find other Saurians by the air they displace when they move. This makes it almost impossible to catch her unawares and allows her to fight even in pitch darkness.

Pava uses a silent laser pistol for long range attacks and her swords for close in work. She uses her stealth and sixth sense to get as close as possible to her enemies; to make certain of the kill.

Pava comes ready for battle with two tech swords, sheaths and a blaster pistol.

Saurozoic Warriors are 6-inch scale and each figure comes with a full range of accessories fit for battle. 

*These figures are adult collectibles for Ages 8 and up. Contains small parts.


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