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Sam & Max Series Action Figure - Wave 2 - Scuba Max & Ratzo the Octopus Ginormous Deluxe Set

  • 5499

Scuba Max is now equipped for all your underwater missions! Joining Max is his loyal pal Ratzo the Octopus, who once led the Howling Band of Cephalopods to save Sam & Max from a marauding band of land pirates. Together Scuba Max and Ratzo are ready for adventure under the sea, or darkish lagoon.

This ginormous deluxe figure set includes both figures. Scuba Max includes a diving mask, rebreather, scuba tanks, diving belt and knife, and flippers alongside alternate hands and 3 heads (including alternate ‘gill beast’ head!). Ratzo’s bulbous noggin swivels and his tentacles can grip Max’s limbs to save him from the stickiest situations.

*These figures are adult collectibles for Ages 12 and up. Contains functional sharp points and small parts.

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